Bend_Kitty_Lodge_Header_Cat_02Booking a Room

The Bend Kitty Lodge has a variety of accommodations that are spacious and furnished with tall cat trees, soft beds, comfy chairs, sunny windows with perches, scratching posts, and toys. Browse the rooms and suites we have to offer during your cat’s stay and each room’s availability below. To make a reservation call 541-389-2058.

The Standard

Bend Kitty Lodge_The Standard vertical

Learn details about The Standard here.


The Deluxe

Bend Kitty Lodge_The Deluxe_Alt

Learn details about The Deluxe here.


The Catio

Bend Kitty Lodge_The Catio unit

Available late May through early Oct, weather permitting only.

Learn details about The Catio here.


The Purrsidential Suite

Bend Kitty Lodge The Purrsidential Suite

Learn details about The Purrsidential Suite here.